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sdang taip2 assignment,,tbe2 t’igt..
td ayah call soh bli kn bakal tunang die air ECPI 4 botol..
siap bg taw mne nk cr n no phone pembekal in case x dpt cari kt kdai..
aiyakk,,bulan ni da lari bajet,,banyakkk sgt smpai tpakse bersusa payah nk mkn buka puasa..
nk ckp da xde dwet,,x tercakap plak..
maka mengira dwet dr tabung botol susu.. T.T
dwett singgit2 yg berlipat cbe di kire dgn prasaan sayu..
*mcm x smpai rm32 jekk >.>>…<<<”

1st tym tsala bajet n btol2 rse sesak..
cmne nk mnabong utk mse dpan??
come on ‘iN,,u cn do this!!

2 taun lagi,,blaja bsungguh2 n try adapting to this life..
then u’ll be working hard,,get married n off to the states for masters n a happy ending!!
go go go!!

note: as much as i don’t thing my mum’s money would do good to me,,i do pray to God that i’ll be blessed with a lot of money during the hearing..
tamak ke??
tp part of me rse mungkin lg lega klo i got what my mum has been earning hard,,for me..
at least,,every sweat n her sleepless nights are worth it..

ohh ye,,ayah plak nk tunang raye ni..
1st raye tnapa ibu..
1st b’day tanpa ibu..
how the hell did this slip off everyone’s mind??
xpe lah.
mungkin saye nmpk tlampau tabah smpai sme pon x sensitip lngsong..

ye baekkk!!
‘Ain igt kata2 ibu slalu..
“‘Ain mcm ibu,,tabah sgt,,kte kuat!!”,,then kte nanges dlm hati same2 smbil tlan air liur yg kring..
life was hard back then,,n it’s still hard ibu..
rest in peace,,dun wori..
i got this! 🙂

Al- Fatihah.



  1. in,i dh lame xread ur blog…sayu bile bace entry ni…hang in there,stay strong…:)

  2. tanx li..
    x paya bc pon xpe,,
    get’s worst each time,,kaco m0od u jek 😦

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