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ohh,,u called.. what was it about things going on back there??

disastrous. ohh,,really sorry to here that,,i really am..

ur own mother has been torturing u for what u have done to me??

that was unnecessary,,my apology.

i feel bad that u have to go through that but i guess she said nothing wrong.

n now u call me,,asking me to tell people that i’m not in any way hurt at all.

that i’m okay with everything.

ayah,,u might as well need to consider thinking before u talk.

i don’t scream at your face doesn’t make what i feel go away.

it doesn’t mean that life is easier.

it doesn’t make what ever u did and still doing okay to me..

no,,not at all ayah..

but yes,,i’m really sorry that u have to get through that.

that u have to face that humiliation.

that was so uncalled for,,n i wish it did not happen to you.

this last bit of thought i have for you,,i don’t even know what is it called.

it may be love,,or perhaps responsibility to be born your offspring.

i’m hoping for better life,,i hope u allow me t0o.

cuz i’m praying the same for you.

my tears told you everything ayah,,u should have known..

i was trying hard to make things easier for you.

to let u go on with your life even if it hurts me.

i say none to others and act plain in front of you.

god knows how tormenting it is to live near you and still be invisible to you.

but still,,i serve as your daughter,,my obligation,,my gift,,to u.

i must say,,u now notice me physically.

but i remain invisible to you emotionally.

ayah,,life was hard with you in the picture,,but i guess i can never erase u..

that’s not what i should do neither do i want it to..

it’s really scary that i feel love from them..

it’s pathetic when i’m afraid to lose that..

when theirs are not mine,,or whatsoever..

i just wish that every bit of this life would make our journey more or less together.

because u were in the plan even though u were not in the ride.

i’m running out of will to tell you this,,i’m running out if wit to clean up the mess..

so now,,i’m begging u…

to spell if you really cannot read,,to crawl if you really can’t walk..

this heart i have beats from yours..

but i wonder why mine doesn’t beat as fast..


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