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‘Ain berusaha keras utk masa depan..

byk kali terlintas dlm hati..

berbaloi kah??

harta, pelajaran, kebahagiaan, dan sgala yg di kejarkan..

kalau akhirnya ‘Ain mungkin akhiri hidup sdetik kemudian?

tapi jika ‘Ain yg pergi dulu,,’Ain tahu apa yg ‘Ain mahukan utk ibu..

perasaan ini mungkin dosa terbesar ‘Ain..

mungkin x ckup keimanan menolak sgala kbencian..

tp ‘Ain ttp percaya skuatnya,,Dia x abaikn kita..

maka ‘Ain cuba bahagiaan kan si tua.

…….’Ain da terima sgala surat penyerahan harta ibu……

i knew it must be hard to finally see that ur last bit of trace in this world was about to be erased and to finally declare that you are not here..

there’ll be no more Aminah Ya’cob in any documentation..

there won’t be “ohh,,that’s my mum’s”

all the books you wrote,,the books that u didn’t finish,,it’s gone,,from priceless to useless..

i’m just wondering,,will i be able to finish writing before i leave??

or will i be forgotten just like urs??



  1. I really wonder what life going to be like without a mom. I don’t know how you feel but I’m sure you deal it couragely. May Allah always be with you.

  2. It IS hard. especially when you are an only child and you don’t really have a great father-daughter relationship. but things happen for a reason, i just gotta believe that Allah has a much better plan for me :’) thanks for dropping by, it means a lot to me

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