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ermm,,,have i talked about the change of minor before??

oke people, i’ve changed my minor: from music to literature a.k.a drama..

dunno why,but i’m glad i did,huhuuuuuu~~

drama classes have always been great to me, i got the chance to act, sing, dance, and express myself to the max..

i got to be different people, bring to life various characters and the most exciting part is that i can escape from reality..

i really enjoy it!!! (i love being on stage too *wink*)

it’s less stressful as well! (compared to castings,,of course,,huhu~)

list of characters i’ve acted out this semester :

  1. title: envy character: the kindhearted sister that is always being bullied by her sisters to death (tatia inspired,lol)
  2. title: possession character: possessed college girl
  3. title: keluarga 69 (the original P.Ramlee movie) character: kak Siti (originally played by Siput Serawak)

**talking bout casting,

  • the last casting i went was the Sunsilk thingy and i just managed to be the top 4 —> lost to two pretty chinese ladies. kudos to Theressa and Andrie! (clap clap clap)
  • i missed my rejoice audition
  • i did not go to 1 acting audition because i want my friend to get all the votes she deserves. u go Wan!!! (keep voting for her oke!!)

still,,the fire of desire will never go out! yeah!!! #(^0^)/

as my master said:       try not,,do or do not!!!

                                                       ~master Yoda

(title: the sandbox character: the grandmother)


i’ve been away,,away,,awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy (echo~~)

i was trying to run away, but as i ran, i realized that to run is rather hurtful than to stay..

so, i stopped,took a breath,closed my eyes,then i took a look around and i saw………..THEM!!!

T : those friends that i never knew i had!

H : happiness that i thought i never deserved

E : escapism that i think i’m getting used to 😉

M : my unique self that will always prevail

i took too much time contemplating, it took too many footprints for me to see those trails i left on the sand, i took too much of cream to decorate my day, i took to many antidotes to get back to myself, but it took only a girl for me to see things clearly.. 

i have justified myself enough and i get tired of it, so let’s just focus on the fabulousity and don’t give a damn to misery!!!   

p/s :

  • Tajul and Aimi, i’m finally here darls #^-^/
  • Yusri, sorry to keep u waiting
  • and for all who have been asking for my latest entry, bianhata =.=”  


OMG!!! my hands are freezing and my heart beats so fast as if it would just explode out of excitement! 😀

seriously, i am  so over the top and would have jumped all the way to the stars right now!!

i mean,,,i have never been this happy and this energized since,,,(i don’t even remember when) but it has been so long ago,,i guess..

so for now,,,the word is: yeayyy!!!!!

my previous entries have always been very melancholic, solemn, gloomy, and what not. but this time,i’m really really really happy!!! (couldn’t be better!)


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

(they are not just any smiles, they are like the ear to ear grins!!!)

obviously,a lot of things have happened to me for the past four months.

a lot of ups and downs (or perhaps just downs),bittersweets as well as a huge evolution in my life have happened. 

well,a couple of extremely harsh lessons learnt and i really was caught in various internal issues. perhaps,that’s why it is called LIFE..

after all the not-so-lucky-encounters so now here comes the blissful part of my existence!!!

but before i even mention anything,i would like to start of with the prime change that makes my life all colourful again :

  • finally, i can actually say “thank God,,,it’s over!”. not sure when i had this refreshing improvement but i must say, these very little words are the key points of my contentment right now 😀 😀 😀 (OMG,,i can’t stop smiling!) 
  • everything starts to fall in place all over again and i’m feeling great bout myself again! (my studies are in control, my belongings are not making any fuss any longer, my emotions are getting back together, n i can totally see how great my life is!!!)
  • great things come when i least expect them!!!  (this is the best part of it all !!!)

it is well understood that i have been living a simple life with lots of not-so-simple dilemmas and problems,but surprisingly, wonderful enchantments have finally come to illuminate my days!!!

first thing first, i can finally go out and hang out with friends (boys and girls) late night until early in the morning without any resentment or feeling insecure of being rejected (it’s because i am so used to and getting traumatic of rejection itself). but now that i have recovered, (i guess) i can laugh, i can jump, i can do whatever and take whatever as reasons for me to basically just feel good bout everything 😀

i am starting to become an Ethos! girl in which it allows me to meet new people, learn new things, try out new things and crowd, push my passion in literature thingy forward and simply contribute to others. it has been a while since i have been actively involved in any association,,so i would call this as a kick start!

 and finally, i am definitely blessed to be accepted to take minor in music! i have always been interested in doing anything that has something to do with entertainment. indeed,i’m more of an entertainer than a book-work. however,past experiences have made me think that i’m not good enough to be one or even being admitted to be in any event that is related to talent. i cannot play instruments and i know for the fact that i don’t have a singer voice. thus, i try to shut myself off the things that i thought was out of my reach—> music! however, i wouldn’t mind to try my luck just to see how much i suck in it,lol 😀 shockingly, i was the lucky few that had successfully passed the audition to take minor in music when i accompanied my friends to the audition. adding up to my surprise, the audition was on pitching,rhythm, as well as my voice! it’s a very refreshing feeling to actually have the head of the music programme to tell me that i am fit for the position (as a music minor student) when almost everyone in the past didn’t think so. but i’m up to the challenge though, i will step up and prove to everyone that she was right! 😀




Let’s welcome my new desktop to the fairy land!!!

Welcome dear!!!

*clap clap clap*

It was at the most hectic week when my lappy started to break down.

it was always stuck and running t0o slow until at one point the sound system started to be suspiciously slow and gagged!

i sent it to the lappy doctor twice in two weeks and the same problems keep coming and getting worst each time!

i called my mum to ask her for advice and solutions. then it turned out that my mum wanted to buy me a new lappy .

my reaction???   NO !!! i love my lappy and still have faith in it. i want to fix and keep it,,if possible… 😦

it’s not that i’m not excited at all to get a brand new lappy but i’m just a person who values every single thing in my life deeply. :-<

the same thing happened when my mum wanted to buy me a new car last year. i refused to replace the family car that i got from my parents even though its just an old Proton Saga. obviously, a Perodua Myvi SE is a better choice and yes i finally agreed to have a new car. but i still feel some kind of connection to the one that i got for the first time.

maybe, i’m just simply a girl who won’t replace anything in my life so easily. to be honest, i’m still missing my old car and my lappy.

don’t get me wrong though, yes!!!

i love my new PC and obviously my Myvi SE has been my horse of white which lives up my princess in fairy tale life moments!

it’s just that i would like to pay my tributes to those things that had been in my life before.

i’m thankful that my old car is still at my parents house back there in Johor and my lappy is still here, safely kept in my room.  

however, after considering my desperate need of having a computer to finish up tons and tons of work loads, then i decided to welcome a new PC!

welcome again desky!!!


i still love u lappy!!!welcome desky!!!


p/s: lappy = laptop, desky = desktop (its just the way i address them to make them sound more personal to me,it’s like a special nickname) 😀



last night,,i went to Shah Alam Stadium to watch Selangor and Kedah in action!!!

*clap clap clap* =D>

what a blast!!! it was a great game!! v(^0^)v

Kedah played well yesterday and Selangor was not that bad either! the game ended with Kedah won over Selangor for 1-0,,cogratulations Kedah!! i can really see why you guys won the game yesterday,,the strategy was brilliant!!

but i have to say that it was extremely frustrating to see one precious goal from Selangor to foul when the player had accidentally kicked the goal keeper,aiyyah,,it was really unfortunate for Selangor,,but no worries though,,the score shows that u guys did do your part well,,your time will surely come,,go Selangor go,lol!!

i was sceaming like hell when the ball hit the net,,being in the crowd of red and yellow,,i was really into the spirit of supporting Selangor even though i’m a loyal Johorian at heart,lol

i was really really really enjoying my day out (or should i say night out)!! and yes,,being a nocturnal is a blessing!! 😀

after the football match had ended,,my friends and i went to Segambut to watch another game,,this time a futsal match! my friend’s boyfriend was playing for his brother’s team hoping that he would help the team to win as losers would pay the fees,,lol!!! (interesting bet,,huh) and yes,,they won!!!


being out and enjoying my life with friends and get to know new people hit me in the forehead!

i mean,,after all these while, i had problems in opening up and let new people to come in..and look,,just a couple of days after i had decided to go with the flow and let my heart tell me what is okay and what is not without trying to fix it,,heyyy,i am finally back!!!

i may not be fully recovered but at least,,i am getting there.. i restart,,i refresh!!!

what a life!!! silly me,,i thought by following my mind and ignoring my heart would help me to be strong,,buZZZzzzzzz!!! i’m wrong!!!

so fellas!!! here i come!!!

putri is back!!!

this time,,wiser!!!


A note to all who i call FRIENDS!!!


Go on, dear friends, go on,

Smile, laugh, and grin to cherish your days,

but listen to what i got to say,

May we find the answers to all questions,

The key to every locked doors,

and the sun to illuminate the real US within,

You guys have been great companions to me,

Back then and always,

No matter how much you hurt me, unintentionally,

No matter i’ve become a burden to all of you, unintentionally,

Although the distance between will space us out,

May we remember our true friendship,

everything that binds us together,

and i beg you to not judge me from my mistakes,

but to judge me from what I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

I will be here,

Always for you even when you’ve shoved me far away,

and then slowly come back before you walk away again,

I will always be here,

For you and for every single reason that keeps us connected.

I will stay,

I will pray,

For what i feel inside will fade away,

the hurt from your spears will go away,

So that i will not run away,

cause these eyes can still see even when they are closed,

these ears can still hear when you whisper,

bleeding the scars over and over again…





Thanks to everyone who shop and share in UiTM Malaysia!!!
You guys have been such a great crowd!!!
Our charity sale is exceeding the expected target,,everything runs smoothly and we are aesthetic that we have done our part in lending hands to help those unfortunate orphans at Rumah Aman Seksyen 2, Shah Alam..
Special attributes for those ‘Mak Cik Cleaners‘ who contribute a lot to our charity sales.
Not forget to mention big hands and personal thanks from me for those deliciously finger licking good ‘cucur udang’ & donuts, i’ll definitely come for more! *wink*
It was a great success!
Kudos to all the SHOP & SHARE CREW!!!
Our part has not ended, there are still a lot of things to do!
So let’s play our part and make the world a better place for everyone to live in!!!
(the ambiance during the packing up session after the charity sale has ended with our banner as the main attraction,,lol)
I’ve always wanted to write about my single life.
Don’t get me wrong though.
This post is not meant to hurt anyone & hopefully it is free from any offensive element as well. (erk,,i’ll try?)
This is just an analysis of my life as a singlet after being belonged to someone for quite some time. (very long time actually,lol)
My single life is:
  • awkward (i find it hard to react truthfully,perhaps it’s because i’m not totally recovered yet)
  • free (for once,i realize the real meaning of privacy)
  • boring (i’m like so used to being fully dedicated to a relationship until i kind of get used to the fuss of keeping the relationship on track—> arguments and stuff,,lol)
  • inspiring (or not. but i really have different views on life and relationships now that i have plenty of time to spend for self-reflection which is one of my favorite past time activity,lol)
  • great! (i don’t know which one is great,being out of love but i have full control of my life or being in love,showered by attentions and stuff but confuse of the life that i lead)

But heyyy,,

One thing for sure, i’m the kind of girl who is optimistic and always make the best of what i have.

it’s here and now“, (my mum).

I do struggle to adapt but it’s so not worth it to give up on something as wonderful as being single and available and ready to mingle,,lol.

It is definitely true, things are easy said than done.

Disappointing as it is but i guess we just have to keep living.

I strongly believe in the phrase,’the past is the best teacher‘.

Experience is what really opens up my eyes as it allows me to learn from my mistakes.

Even though it sometimes makes me hesitate to step ahead but i won’t give in.

I might take a little while before i take another step but at least i’m moving forward to the right path.

That’s the least that i can do to make me look less pathetic for my struggle in moving on. *eish* =.=”


By the way,

10,000 BC is as great as it should be,lol.

The definition of love could not be better!


Ever wondering why suddenly you become unmotivated, out of passion, and all over the place?
Have you ever wake up in the morning and regret it?
Wanting something to happen but can’t do anything?
or thinking
“If things are not this way, i might be a better person.” —> now that’s lame!
(lame but somehow true)
I get annoyed with people until i reach this point where i don’t even care.
It’s so childish and stupid for them to mess up with my life.
Well, i won’t go down to their level, thus i decide to be wise.
Let people say whatever they want to say and i’ll be the most rational person ever. *wink*
I’m an ‘open book‘ person, read me if you want.
And if you get sick of my story, keep away from me.
No fuss!
I mean, why would they waste their precious time to get into trouble?
Purposely go through the fuss and make their own lives miserable?
Take away my privacy when i’m not even a celebrity?
Do they really think that making my life no so wonderful will make them happy?
na’a,, you are wrong!
I am a princess of my own kingdom.
I rule!
Life is too short to be wasted with our stupidity.
It’s not like we are going to be reborn in the next life.
So let’s just live life to the max!
I’m currently busy with assignments and ethics’ project. *sigh*
Life sucks when there are t0o many things to handle. I really wish i don’t have to do all this.
Alas,i have spent the past twelve hours wasting my time by playing online games, singing, dancing, watching tv, and not forget to mention —> crying.

(looks like i have successfully wasting my precious time for assignment, erk, do i need to be proud of it?)
But i couldn’t help it, it’s just extremely exhausting that it makes me slip into some inappropriate emotions.
All of the sudden, i realize that i’m not totally over my ex, not satisfied with myself, not as happy as i think i am, and the list goes on!
Wondering how did that happen?
I was browsing the net and suddenly i stumbled upon this video on youtube:
(i can totally relate to every single scene!)
Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush is one of my favourite celebrity couples, but in the end, their love life ends up just like mine. Thus, they do have some significant reflections towards my life. =.=”
Enough of grief, i’d better put all that aside, Now!
I’ve found a way to keep me occupied (other than those assignments) and it’s extremely exciting!
———-> learning dance moves!
*clap clap clap*
 I’m so excited but………..
Erk,hate to admit it but i am not a good dancer.
So it takes longer time for me to master the steps but i’m positive about it and hopefully i can master the routine soon!

Song : Tell Me by Wonder Girls