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A note to all who i call FRIENDS!!!


Go on, dear friends, go on,

Smile, laugh, and grin to cherish your days,

but listen to what i got to say,

May we find the answers to all questions,

The key to every locked doors,

and the sun to illuminate the real US within,

You guys have been great companions to me,

Back then and always,

No matter how much you hurt me, unintentionally,

No matter i’ve become a burden to all of you, unintentionally,

Although the distance between will space us out,

May we remember our true friendship,

everything that binds us together,

and i beg you to not judge me from my mistakes,

but to judge me from what I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

I will be here,

Always for you even when you’ve shoved me far away,

and then slowly come back before you walk away again,

I will always be here,

For you and for every single reason that keeps us connected.

I will stay,

I will pray,

For what i feel inside will fade away,

the hurt from your spears will go away,

So that i will not run away,

cause these eyes can still see even when they are closed,

these ears can still hear when you whisper,

bleeding the scars over and over again…







Bersedialah jiwa,

Untuk hidupku yang selebih nya,

Takkan kedengaran suaranya lagi,

Takkan terlihat bayangnya lagi,

Takkan terimbas hangat cintanya lagi,

Takkan kusedar makna bahagia lagi…

hellafrenzy, 2008

Here comes my first official ‘sajak‘ (poem) in Bahasa Malaysia, *clap clap clap*

Let me translate it in English, for those who can’t understand Bahasa Malaysia. (i think i have readers who are not Malaysian) *wink*


Be prepared oh dear soul,

For the remaining moments of my life,

There will be no more of his sounds,

There will be no more of his shadow,

There will be no more of his warmth,

There will be no more of happiness…

hellafrenzy, 2008



It’s not that i don’t try or even love to cry,

But i’m impede to fly by your simple hye.


Perhaps, these eyes are meant only to stare,

As love is what we are never going to share.


At times, my heart is frantic to say,

How i wish this feeling will eventually mislay.


For you, i shove each love from heart,

Yet i’m lost in endeavor to disregard.


If seeing me in pain makes you less a man,

Then i’d rather have you not to look at me again.


Is it true, your heart really is incapable to see?

How i’m struggling to remember what it’s like to be happy.



-hellafrenzy (2008)