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th_malaysia.gifJust got back from Ethnics and Relation class. *yeay* & for the record,i didn’t sleep at all during the class. *clap clap clap* Apparently, political issues help a lot,lol. As predicted, Prof. Alan (his name is just like one of the character in Anak-anak Sidek‘s comic) would talk about politic for the whole period. Obvious enough, Malaysia is not yet recovered from the election fever. The harsh wake up call for Malaysia is definitely a today’s hot topic! I myself have become more involved in this kind of intellect discussion when i was not even interested in political issues before. May it be the result of my increasing maturity level or simply the effect of the escalating sense of responsibility to my beloved country. Perhaps, both. Focusing on Malaysia’s present political status, it is indeed very subjective to jump into any conclusion for the most shocking and even drastic change in our political status. However, it is loud and clear enough for Malaysia to see how things can change in a blink of an eye and the importance of working together for the better. National unity is the main issue here and yet we are busy arguing bout lots of things (quota and stuff). I’m perplexed, i mean why must we argue when we can discuss appropriately and wisely. Different people may have different point of views regarding this very crucial matter. Yet, blaming others or even turn down others opinion is not the right way to voice out your ideas. It is best for us to consider every single opinion and see this issue in every possible angle so that we can come to an agreeable solution. Malaysia is the only harmonious multi-racial country in the world, yes, we are! Some might say that Malaysia is not even the best Islamic country or anything, my advice, be grateful fellas! Embrace what we have before we lose it and left with nothing. Think back and reflect!

We might as well reflect back on these Malaysian old folks sayings :

yang di kejar tak dapat, yang dikendong keciciran

dengar guruh di langit, air tempayan di curahkan


Rationality, it is what we need the most!