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A note to all who i call FRIENDS!!!


Go on, dear friends, go on,

Smile, laugh, and grin to cherish your days,

but listen to what i got to say,

May we find the answers to all questions,

The key to every locked doors,

and the sun to illuminate the real US within,

You guys have been great companions to me,

Back then and always,

No matter how much you hurt me, unintentionally,

No matter i’ve become a burden to all of you, unintentionally,

Although the distance between will space us out,

May we remember our true friendship,

everything that binds us together,

and i beg you to not judge me from my mistakes,

but to judge me from what I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

I will be here,

Always for you even when you’ve shoved me far away,

and then slowly come back before you walk away again,

I will always be here,

For you and for every single reason that keeps us connected.

I will stay,

I will pray,

For what i feel inside will fade away,

the hurt from your spears will go away,

So that i will not run away,

cause these eyes can still see even when they are closed,

these ears can still hear when you whisper,

bleeding the scars over and over again…






*princess*’iN*What is normal?

What is acceptable?

It’s t0o subjective to actually define those..

What’s more,,life is very ironic,,,it really does!!!

Take a quick glance of your life,,,things are ironic,,indeed,,we are told about happy ending,,,where a princess will live happily ever after with her prince charming while in fact,,,that’s nonsense!!

Consider these:

Being  a grown up doesn’t indicate that you’ll be wise in your actions…being a girl doesn’t mean that you’ll know which dress you’ll wear for a party or which heels you’ll wear for a date,,,being a muslim doesn’t mean that u’ll only do things for the sake of your afterlife,,being a daughter doesn’t imply that you’ll marry a man of your parent’s choice…

We know how things should be done and yet we refuse to follow the norm,,,but when we take a look around,,,everyone is having the same problem,,we are struggling to fit in,,,is this acceptable? is this normal? …

As we grow up,,lots of people are telling us how our lives will definitely change when we are older,,,things like,,,we’ll know how to make decisions and we’ll know exactly what we want in life… unfortunate enough,,that doesn’t happen all the time…

Then,,we’ll start to ask ourselves,,,am i not normal,,,why don’t i just grow up and not stuck in my chilhood fears? 

My dear,,,that sounds so much like my life,,i love being childish where we get to be bubbly and cheerful,,,like we never grow up,,,because it gives a pleasant feeling to everyone,,,but being stuck in my old memories and afraid of making mistakes and being hurt again is holding me back,,i can’t really achieve anything by doing what is acceptable to others in order to fit in,,,thus,,i choose not to…

I choose to give myself options,,,lots of chances to take and to express myself…

I choose to be friend with every single person in my life,,,it’s risky enough but it’s worth it,,people might not approve my existence and i might end up alone,,,but what’s wrong in making friends and get to know people? what’s wrong with being a people person?

One of my ex-s told me that he didn’t want me to choose between him and my friends when he found himself having difficulties to get along with my crowd,,thus he left me for ‘my own happiness’ and because he loves me so much for him to make me choose,,well babe,,i don’t have to choose,,believe me,,i really don’t have to….

But heyy,,

There’s a huge exclamation mark there!!!

No matter how much i want to be with someone,,,no matter how hard i try to be in a relationship,,,and no matter how much i love that someone,,or how badly hurt i am by the separation,,,i guess when people put us aside,,,the best thing to do is to step aside and let them through,,,this is how i show my love and respect to others,,,by giving them what they want,,,and the space they need…same goes to friendship,,,if it doesn’t work even after we tried our best to make it work,,,then it’s not,,,and we might as well accept that and move on…

Not following the norm doesn’t mean that i can hurt people’s feelings or even letting myself to be hurt,,,it doesn’t mean that i can make fool of myself either..i won’t be a joker just to befriend with everyone or to stay in a relationship,,,some people do,,,well,,that’s their choice,,,and i respect that,,but that’s simply not me…

I know my limit and i decide what is acceptable and what is not for my very own life,,,in the end of the day,,,it’s my life,,my prerogative……. (^^,)v