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to be continued! 

Look at the rain,
Hear the drops,
You’ll feel the pain,
Even after it stops.
Look at the dog,
Listen when it barks,
Telling stories of the untold,
A song in the eerie night.
Stare at those stars,
Wondering why they are dim,
Searching for the reason,
The one that loses its sparks.
hellafrenzy, 2008

Thanks to everyone who shop and share in UiTM Malaysia!!!
You guys have been such a great crowd!!!
Our charity sale is exceeding the expected target,,everything runs smoothly and we are aesthetic that we have done our part in lending hands to help those unfortunate orphans at Rumah Aman Seksyen 2, Shah Alam..
Special attributes for those ‘Mak Cik Cleaners‘ who contribute a lot to our charity sales.
Not forget to mention big hands and personal thanks from me for those deliciously finger licking good ‘cucur udang’ & donuts, i’ll definitely come for more! *wink*
It was a great success!
Kudos to all the SHOP & SHARE CREW!!!
Our part has not ended, there are still a lot of things to do!
So let’s play our part and make the world a better place for everyone to live in!!!
(the ambiance during the packing up session after the charity sale has ended with our banner as the main attraction,,lol)

It has been a while since i last post something… (well,,i don’t even write regularly)

My friend has been asking me why,,why don’t i write things more frequently and maybe put some interesting things on my blog..

Well,,here are some of the reasons why :

  • I don’t know what is interesting to others n why would i care. *duh* This is just a medium for me to express myself n it doesn’t matter if no one reads my blog,,i still consider this as a blessing,,to have my very own space.
  • I only write with my heart,,i want to share my perspectives and hopefully it’ll make people think and they can personally relate to it. That’s why it’s extremely important for me to write ONLY what i believe in and not for the sake of people to read.
  • I start blogging after i got dumped. (so that tells how much it reflects the need to have a medium to put my heart into)
  • I don’t like the pressure of writing things for others. just as much as the title has spoken for itself,, *under my crown*,this is all about me n my not-so-simple-life!

n the list goes on…………….. (i think,there is zero need of explaining things in detail as people can actually figure it out on their own)

current mood : unmotivated kol1.jpg

but trying hard to put all that aside,,i have to make sure that i have the total control of my very own life! (never gonna let anything to get in the way!)