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They smile,

I stare,

For the happiness they share,

I hide.

Deeper and deeper i fall,

For the reason of the dawn,

The beginning of destruction.

Perplexed i am,

Why flood before rain?

Why dream before sleep?

Why desire not lust?

Like a dog chasing its tail,

Like tears as my lullaby,

Like a blanket cuddling my sleep,

Like the beach as another me,

Odd it may seem,

Tranquil it truly is.

Oh please let me define,

What is me and what is else,

Mere disappointments i run into,

I’d do nothing but searching for clue.

Paranoia sneaking through my veins,

Leaving nothing but only pain.

If this is the fin of my sane,

Then it is nothing you call as plain.

Still i wonder,

How long can this heart ponder,

For i am broken,

Under this veil, to dust i turn.

-hellafrenzy (2008)