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.:pricessy:..:r0yal predicament:.

Woke up late again (as always) and i drove myself alone to class *sigh*…

Lots of tasks need to be done,,,yet t0o little time to fulfill those…

Where goes my motivation? where goes my passion? where goes my 2008 resolutions? (erk,,correction,,,i don’t have any) <——-ching!!! ching!!! ching!!!!! (that’s it,,,that’s the main reason of my unproductivity)

I used to be a girl with a never ending list of plans,,,i used to be a girl who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it (or at least try to) =.=”

Mysterious enough,,,i lost that girl in me,,,and i slowly disperse into somebody whom i’m not really familiar of,,,hate to admit it but i miss my-old-self *sigh*….

But heyy!!!

One thing for sure,,,the only thing that i still possess is my love of procrastination,,,walla~~

I guess my obsession in procrastinate things is extremely strong that i won’t mislay that..  *wink*

Not sure if i can get back to who i really am (optimistically,,,yes,,s0on),,,but i’m trying my best!!!

Being myself is a blessing because not many people can be lucky enough to live their own lives,,,but i’d say,,,we have the power to choose…yeah!!! (#^0^)/

We are who we want to be,,thus,,,it’s worth the effort of finding who we really are and be true to ourselves,,,we’ll be even more contented if we live up our own dreams and walk in our own heels… *wink*

So fellas,,,let’s join me in my-very-own-long-lost-self mission,,,and the search is on NOW!!!