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Tag Archives: stupidity

Ever wondering why suddenly you become unmotivated, out of passion, and all over the place?
Have you ever wake up in the morning and regret it?
Wanting something to happen but can’t do anything?
or thinking
“If things are not this way, i might be a better person.” —> now that’s lame!
(lame but somehow true)
I get annoyed with people until i reach this point where i don’t even care.
It’s so childish and stupid for them to mess up with my life.
Well, i won’t go down to their level, thus i decide to be wise.
Let people say whatever they want to say and i’ll be the most rational person ever. *wink*
I’m an ‘open book‘ person, read me if you want.
And if you get sick of my story, keep away from me.
No fuss!
I mean, why would they waste their precious time to get into trouble?
Purposely go through the fuss and make their own lives miserable?
Take away my privacy when i’m not even a celebrity?
Do they really think that making my life no so wonderful will make them happy?
na’a,, you are wrong!
I am a princess of my own kingdom.
I rule!
Life is too short to be wasted with our stupidity.
It’s not like we are going to be reborn in the next life.
So let’s just live life to the max!