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I have always trying to make sure that i see myself doing what i love in 5 years from now…

The future is totally unpredictable,,but i love the feelings in which i have a total control of my life,,thus i do what ever it takes to make my list of plan to come to life.

I have been constantly sending my resumes to lots of production houses and keep my head up for any open casting.

I’ve gone to several castings and auditions for the past 3 years and get rejected each time.

*well,,no surprise actually*

But i believe that every time i go for a casting, i gain experience and it helps me to analyze my weaknesses.

At least, now i know a little bit about this and that as well as what to expect in this business.

Things are and will always be harsh on us, especially when we are no one famous or related to any important people,,adding up to the disappointment, i have little experience and i am not that good either. *haih*

Indeed, i’m disappointed but i’ll never gonna let the lights go out,,i’ll preserve and keep the candle burning.

In the end, i’ll come out and say,,i’ve made it!!!! or at least proudly say,,,i’ve been there and i am glad i never quit!!!

It’s either i make it to the top or i get something beyond ,,it really depends on how we perceive things in life,actually,,but there will be no room for failure!!!

Bahsya!!!! (#^0^)/