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When everyone else is wondering how their loved ones are doing, grab the phone and make the call, listen to their favorite voices, planning where and when to kill time together, when they still get the chance to be thankful to look into those addicting eyes,when they still got the chance to feel the warmth as well as cherish the magnificent moments of loving and being loved;here i am, writing, again…


This is another fray,

Something to see and say,

Squabble and mislay,

Where i am the helpless prey,

With an inevitable yesterday.


Tell me again if this is fair,

When all i’m allowed to do is only stare

Fear of being blamed if i share,

Thus, i refuse to find the one who care.


Dear calamity and mishap tragedy,

Including you, catastrophic misery,

Whichever names you hold,

Whatever stories you’ve been told,

I shall be the one to take the toll,

For all you’ve done is turn me cold.




Allow me to articulate in words and rhyme,

And let the answer to come in time,


Permit me to stay in my own solitude,

As for Him i pay my only gratitude.






-hellafrenzy (2008)